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27/03/2015Publication of Finance (No 2) Bill;Business Tax BriefingPublication of Finance (No 2) Bill; Finance Act 2015 The Finance (N...
27/03/2015Finance Act 2015; country-by-country reportingPodcastTax News Podcast - Listen or Download - 10 minutes MP3 audio...
27/03/2015Overview of requirements to obtain benefitsWorld Tax AdvisorOverview of requirements to obtain benefits under Croatia’s tax treati...
27/03/2015Holding company input VAT deductibleWeekly VAT NewsHolding company input VAT deductible – A-G Opinion A-G Paolo Mengoz...
23/03/2015Shared service VAT refunds forWeekly VAT NewsShared service VAT refunds for “non-departmental public bodies” Leg...
20/03/2015Following the consultation that endedBriefing NoteDiverted Profits Tax (DPT) Following the consultation that ended la...

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