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17/04/2014Patent Box; taxpayer wins Deutsche Bank casePodcastTax News Podcast - Listen or Download - 11 minutes MP3 audio...
17/04/2014France Alert - Tax authorities issue draftEuropean Union Tax AlertsFrance Tax Alert 17 April 2014 Tax authorities issue draft comments on...
17/04/2014Patent Box - Code of Conduct Group reviewBusiness Tax BriefingFinance (No 2) Bill There has been no further progress on the Bill a...
17/04/2014Rights of taxpayers after leaving a VAT groupWeekly VAT NewsRights of taxpayers after leaving a VAT group: First-tier Tribunal dec...
15/04/2014Switzerland Tax Alert - 15 April 2014European Union Tax AlertsSwitzerland Tax Alert 15 April 2014 Cantons announce lower headline ta...
14/04/2014Upper Tribunal decision on salary sacrificeGES News FlashGlobal Employer Services NewsFlash Upper Tribunal decision on salary s...

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